What is a jazz-pianist doing conducting Oratorios?

Well, as someone that has been enamored with baroque music since childhood, I find it amazingly gratifying to be soon standing on the conductors podium with 50 people singing and 16 people in an orchestra performing Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi (RV 589) and Kleine Orgelmesse by Joseph Haydn. This idea sprung forth last spring when I conducted Faure´s Requiem with four choirs and a piano, and I decided that I would try and get together a project with some older music. I got together two choirs I conduct, one in Óháði söfnuðurinn and the other in Víðistaðakirkja and then we got the choir in Háteigskirkja and Skálholtskirkja with us to form a big choir for this project. Now we have almost put the band together and we are really excited to do get them with us.
Right now, I just came from a great practice weekend in Skálholt where we practiced with the choirs together for two days and performed the mass by Haydn and one movement from Vivaldis Gloria in the Sunday Mass at the Skálholt Church.

The concert dates are as follows:
28th April, 17:00 Víðistaðakirkja.
4th May,17:00, at Háteigskirkja
5th May,17:00, at Skálholtskirkja

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