Going to jail!

Today, Gissur Páll and I played a gig at Litla-Hraun which is the biggest jail in Iceland, housing about 90 prisoners. We played in a small indoor handball-court that smelled car wax since it is used to clean cars during the day. The piano was really crappy but that didn´t really matter because this was such an amazing experience. We had all the prisoners come in, pretty buffed up most of them with tattoos and stern faces, sitting down, looking pretty apprehensive, and not really going to buy into listening to opera howling and liking it. Then when we had performed the last song they were all standing and cheering, and coming afterwards and thanking us with a handshake (that I am still recovering from btw:)) Anyways, this was a great day and a gig I will never forget!
Here is a pic of us in front of the watchtower. We were pretty glad that we didn´t have to stay for the night:)

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